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Calling All Canucks Homers……


The recent talk about Luongo on the move is obvious. He wants out. Canucks management want him gone. Theres no secrete about it, and its been public for months now.

I want to just straight to the point of my blog here. Short and sweet. There are many factors in determining the value of Luongo in trade

-33 years old

-10 years left on his contract

-53.3 million left to pay him

-Luongo has a FULL NTC if he wishes

-Was reported he would only waive to a short list of teams

Do I even have to continue here? Luongo clearly has the keys to the drivers seat, and has locked the doors on the Canucks management. Vancouver GM Gillis has done a great job so far IMO trying to build his value and not look desperate, but really at the end of the day, every GM in the league interested in Luongo knows its only a matter of time until they cave. Circle the pray until they fall.

As soon Cory Schneider becomes a RFA on July 1st theres no doubt people will offer a big contract to him. What will that do to Vancouver? This about it. Someone offers 5 mil per. Then they have 10.33 million in goalies next year and are forced to basically give Luongo away for nothing because their backed into the corner and their hand is shown. Right now all they can play is the "well we can keep Luongo if we want, and we didnt decide yet".

So lets say two complete idiots were to suggest the Leafs would give Jake Gardiner, Luke Schenn, and the 5th overall pick to have Luongo, would you laugh? or would you feel weird laughing at someone so clueless?

None of either Schenn, Gardiner, or the 5th overall pick will be traded for Luongo, and even if he were to be traded to another team, no other team would be giving anything of value for Luongo. The contract/age/situation are not even CLOSE to in favour of the Canucks organization, and soon enough when hes traded, you will see

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A Quick Glance At Our Future Core


While the 2012 NHL trade deadline passed and we picked up Carter Ashton for the well liked Keith Aulie, I began to wonder what a list of our recent draft picks, and recent drafted players we traded for looks like......SO with my insane amount of time on my hands today, I decided to make a list so we can all feel the future is looking bright.

Here we go, and feel free to add any I forget (mostly 21 and under though) :


1st rounders

-Luke Schenn 22

-Nazem Kadri 21

-Joe Colborne 22

-Jake Gardiner 21

-Tyler Biggs 18

- Stuart Percy 18

-Carter Ashton 20

2nd Rounders

-Brad Ross 19

-Greg Mckegg 19

-Jesse Blacker - 20

On a day where people have been complaining about not making moves to get into the playoffs, Im sure this list will show you why its painful now to wait, but when the time comes the Leafs will have a solid core of good players. When was the last time you ever seen the organization having this much prospect depth? Never........

If you were looking for a "quick fix" on the deadline, or wanting to be pleased today while compromising tomorrow, then I suggest you google the team "Montreal Canadians" and start to cheer for their mess of a team. Because they will make you happy.......for now that is......I think?......Scratch that. Probably never.....

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Luke Schenn

With the All Star game this weekend, and the trade deadline exactly a month away, Here are some of my thoughts going forward on Luke Schenn


Luke Schenn, who was our poster boy and direct symbol of the start of our rebuild in 2008 is for some reason consistently involved with media trade talks. The most sickening part it that amount of fans who are now starting to adapt the idea of pushing him out the door as well.

I am ALL for upgrading this team, but it must be an upgrade to even assume Brian Burke will consider moving one of our most valuable assets. The kid is still 22 years old, has 280 NHL games of experience already and while at times struggled, there is no reason it the world to expect more from the kid. Look arount the NHL. Other then the extream circumstances like the "Drew Doughty's" or the Steven Stamkos's", how many 21-22 year olds come straight into the NHL, play top line minutes for a painfully bad team (up until now lets face it, we blew the big one), and still managed to lead the team/league in different categories. Theres not many. He was a 5th overall choice, not a 1st or 2nd for a reason. Hes not a potential superstar. He is what he is and will be, and thats a solid top 4 defence, and potential to be a top 2 pairing. There are too many fans out there who set the bar in their heads WAY too high, and thats why some have been disappointed thus far.

Just look at this years so called "slumping season" hes having

-with 158 hits he leads all NHL defence despite only averaging 16.23 mins a game and being a healthy scratch for a game.

-Has 13 points, while not mind blowing, its more then guys like Braydon Coburn, Brad Stuart, and Niklas Hjalmarsson who are all considered proven defensive defence.

-He leads the Maple Leafs as we speak with a +5 rating

- Dion Phaneuf, Carl Gunnarsson, JM Liles, and Jake Gardiner all have more giveaways the Schenn

-He is 2nd among our defence, and 4th in the whole team in takeaways

-Schenn is 3rd on the team in blocked

-He is only one year into a affordable 5 year deal worth 3.6 mil in cap space.

So let me know your thought in what the Leafs should be doing right now and with Luke Schenn



Point Your Finger At The Guy Upstairs

We are now halfway through our 3rd FULL season under Brian Burke, and for some reason the same questions have to be answered. Where is our #1 center? When is our starting goalie?

Im guilty as well as many in thinking James Reimer was an NHL #1 goalie after the stretch last year, and its obvious Burke thought the same. But the difference is I get paid for cutting sheetmetal as a day job, and Brian Burke gets paid to made the Toronto Maple Leafs win hockey games.

Night after night lately, loss after loss, 99.34% of Leafs fans continue to blast Ron Wilson, James Reimer, Luke Schenn, or my my favortie creative one, they choose to  blame the NHL for having a magical hit out against the Leafs with the refs. But for some reason people ignore the fact that Matt Stajan, Tyler Bozak, and a dead Tim Connolly were out starting #1 centers..........Vesa Toskala, Jonas Gustavsson, JS Giguere, and James Reimer were our starting goalies.....and a bunch of career AHLers (love them but still) were our PK specialists. How the HELL are people not seeing what I seeing here? This is shades of Vancouver where Burke refused to get another goalie other then Dan Cloutier and it led to his dismissal.

The only problem this time is, hes made 3 gigantic holes and not just one. With the PK now hitting new lows, and about the same success rate of the "pull out" method of birth control, I dont know how long this can go on for. James Reimer may be a great NHL goalie someday, but right now its clear hes just an average goalie who is developing and coming off a serious injury. What does Burke do? Bring up a few players from the Marlies who will clear waivers they have such low value, and expect them to turn the PK around like a miracle. Well it doesnt work like that Brian, Im sorry.

Until he does something, I dont think anyone should be blaming anyone but him. Sorry Brian Burke, but this mess is your fault.

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Leafs Top Line Decline?

With the scare of Tim Connolly two games ago where he looked to get a skate kick in the back, and left the ice briefly, a flash of the 2011-12 Leafs flew through my mind. Once the collisions happened, most fans (me included) immediately thought his knee was blown out, and with those types of injuries the words "season ending" crossed my mind.
Right then i thought, "are we really in for another year of bluffing the #1 center spot". As if 2 full years wasnt enough, I could NOT go another year with Phil Kessel playing with a #2-3 center and trying to win more games then we lose. I hope Burke and Wilson get the vibe as well.
Tyler Bozak is off to a great start, and for the most part has played with Kessel and Lupul on the top line. Kessel lead the NHL in both goals and points for over 2 months to start the year and a lot had to do with the Chemistry of the three players. But lately Kessel has (somewhat) cooled off and with Connolly coming right back into the game 5 mins later Friday night, Im stuck wondering why we dont just end the madness and have the top line we were suppose to from July 2nd when Connolly signed. The Leafs have cooled off as a whole team to be honest, to the point where 9th place is only 2 points back. I think Ron Wilson has to forget the Chemistry Bozak and Kessel had to start the year and ice the lineup we expected from day one with the men Brian Burke has brought here. He has to search for that 2nd line domination from "Mac and the USSR" last year to go for a two top line attack, and allow Tyler Bozak to play a 2-3 role like he should and like he would fit in even on a championship team.
So basically, Im sick of the "good enough" outlook, and I want the "Best" to be what we search for. My lineup for the next stretch would be:
Let the guys who were suppose to play, play.

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Hey Cam Ward……we are not friends anymore

Dont be mad, but we are NOT friends......

At one point I looked at the shots on goal and they were 22-9 for the Leafs....while the game stayed at 0-0. How is that even possible? Why doesnt someone go Gionta on his ass? After keeping the Canes on the game for a few periods, I couldn't help remember about the sarcasticcomment Eric baby face Staal had for Kessel last year at the All Star game. Did I just smile? Helllllllll yes I did. -18....sorry son, thats ACTUALLY not that good. Its actually quite bad. So this year while Kessel goes into the All Star game leading in votes and your sitting at home eating stale bagel bites, you can remember that night.

As for the game, I cant help but wonder why every year Carolina is "suppose to make the playoffs". If these so called hockey experts had a clue they would have seen this bombshell of a team when they iced it on day one. The Leafs didnt really seem to be playing at 100% but still were walking all over them and controlling the game. Nice to see and hoping some of the confidence will spill over to the next few games at home. Other then Ward, the team was MIA in my opinion for most of the game.

Overall a good game played, and with Timmy getting the goal late in the 3rd to open the scoring, Poinkarovsky trying to be cool in the last few mins, then Timmy ending it on overtime, we were treated to a great game.

The Leafs are now 16-11-3 with 35 points in 30 games. Not really where you WANT to see them, but well above the last three seasons, and well on their way of making a legit playoff hunt battle in a few months.

They now wait until Friday to play in Buffalo where hopefully Connolly can continue his hot streak while the Sabers office wonders why they are paying Leino the 4.5 mil they refused to pay Tim while he skates around the ice scoring at a stay home defense pace.

Jordan Angle

(please remember to feel free to make your own posts and I will publish them. If not then go be a Habs fan!)

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